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The introduction of MWM

The MWM Software & Beratung GmbH was founded in July 1992 in Bonn (Germany), when the boom of mobile phones started.

The business managers are the graduate engineers Michael Hocks and Wilhelm Veenhuis. At the moment MWM employs 4 workmen and 2 freelancers.

MWM produces Windows-Software for civil engineering and offers consultings and educations on the advent of data processing. All software products which are produced by MWM conform to the German standart of building trade.

In the software development MWM mainly deals with solutions for sectoral data processing problems in building industry. In addition MWM also offers tools for software engineers like GAEB or REB.

Because of our exposed and honest consulting and the development of our user-friendly and intelligent software MWM found its position in the building sector. 2.500 customers with more than 14.000 installations in over 25 years are the proof of it.